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Rapidly growing startup Oberlo joins Vilnius Tech Park

22 Nov

Oberlo, one of the fastest growing startups in Lithuania, has joined the Vilnius Tech Park community. The company, which provides dropshipping solutions for ecommerce shops, has ambitious plans for the near future and believes Vilnius Tech Park is the place to make them happen.

The team at Oberlo are helping to transform the way ecommerce ventures of any size or scale operate. Oberlo enables is users to search through a huge range of products, and then add the ones they choose to their online stores. It then ships any products sold direct to the customer. And Oberlo’s clients can do all of this with just a few clicks. That’s why more than 14,000 ecommerce shops use it, and, since October 2015, more than $78 million worth of sales have been made through the service.

But Andrius Slimas, Oberlo’s CEO, says they are not stopping here: “There are very ambitious milestones set on Oberlo’s roadmap,” he explains. “We have not only relocated to Vilnius Tech Park, but have also opened a new office in Berlin and adding more professionals to our local team.”

“Another key milestone is Oberlo’s own supplier marketplace,” continues Mr Slimas. “Our customers have many struggles with suppliers that are unreliable when an issue comes in. Oberlo’s objective is to create a trustworthy system with verified suppliers, eliminating the core obstacles of the overall dropshipping model.”

For Oberlo, Vilnius Tech Park is the ideal spot to help them take the next step. “Due to Oberlo’s rapid expansion, we needed to find premises that would provide us with enough space for growing the team locally.”

“In addition to that,” Mr Slimas says, “it was also essential to be closer to the startup community and like- minded people. Vilnius Tech Park was the perfect place because it’s the biggest technology hub for startups and other businesses, a place where you can find both local and global players under one roof.”

As participants at Startup Lithuania’s recent Fail-up event discovered, Oberlo’s success hasn’t come without a cost. At the event, held at Vilnius Tech Park, the company’s founders explained that they had launched many failed projects before they came up with the idea of Oberlo. Mr Slimas and his team are ready to share their stories and lessons learned with the startup community at Vilnius Tech Park. They will also share their infectious determination, based on the philosophy that the only time you lose is when you stop trying.

And according to Darius Zakaitis, cofounder of Vilnius Tech Park, this determination will resonate with the rest of the park’s community. “The people working in Vilnius Tech Park are exceptional,” he points out. “Their innovation, creativity and can-do attitude make amazing things happen. Oberlo embody this determination, and their presence here will be an outstanding example for first time founders.”

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