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Helping businesses grow.

From programming classes to startup DNA camps.

Curiosity and creativity is a key to success. At Vilnius Tech Park, we share our best resources and invite corporate partners to be a part of the startup movement. Our carefully-curated programmes are designed to provide members with opportunities for growth, innovation and connections.


Rugsėjo 11-13 dienomis kviečiame jaunuosius architektus, menininkus ir kitų susijusių specialybių atstovus dalyvauti intensyviose dirbtuvėse kūrybinėse dirbtuvėse  – ,,Architektonas”, kurių metu bus ir spręsti iššūkį –  Sapiegų parko, kaip viešosios erdvės, atnaujinimą, atliepiantį istorinius, sociologinius ir šiuolaikinio miesto aspektus, ir pasiekti  jam keliamas užduotis.

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Vilnius Tech Park has an experienced and skilled team which regularly organises hackathons in various fields. Together with partners, we are aiming to create new products and solutions which would innovate the existing markets, gather new professional teams, help startups to find partnering businesses (and vice versa), and much more. Have ideas? Let’s talk!

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EIT InnoEnergy Hub Lithuania

EIT  InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Its mission is to build a sustainable long-lasting operational framework among the three actors of the knowledge triangle in the energy sector: industry, research and higher education, and ensure that this integration of the three is more efficient and has a higher impact on innovation (talent, technology, companies) than the three standing alone. Vilnius Tech Park is the EIT InnoEnergy Hub Lithuania since 2017.

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Sapiegos Series

Vilnius Tech Park believes that businesses can grow only as much as the people grow. Therefore, to support startups, entrepreneurs and creative individuals, we aim to deliver value accessible to as many startups in Vilnius Tech Park and outside as we can. With this goal in mind, we organise events, workshops and meetings, which foster professional and personal growth. You can become a lecturer! Contact us here.


EIT Climate-KIC Hub Lithuania

EIT Climate-KIC is a knowledge innovation community, established and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in 2010. Their purpose is to tackle climate change through innovation. They are Europe’s largest public-private partnership with this purpose a growing pan European community of diverse organisations united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge. Vilnius Tech Park is the EIT Climate-KIC Hub Lithuania since 2018.

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CodeAcademy was born in 2016, together with Vilnius Tech Park. Today there are more than 30 people – lecturers, designers, developers, administrators and the like, working together for the same goal – to help people change their lives. The Academy provides students with the latest technological tools to give the best experience of creation, while HR partners help them to get the practice in leading companies. We specialise in the most in-demand skills: programming, web design and cyber security.

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CodeAcademy Kids

Started at the beginning of 2017, CodeAcademy Kids already has the momentum in helping young students spend their after-school time meaningfully. Here they can learn most common programming languages as well as the basics of graphic design. Currently there are 4 courses on offer: computer game design, branding, mobile app development and web development. To stay fully motivated, students work on their personal projects.

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Startup Lithuania

How to protect your business during coronavirus outbreak? How can you get force majeure certificate? Many businesses face these issues during the quarantine period. Answers to these and other similar questions can now be found on the new COVID GUIDE platform.

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We are proud to have worked with a wide range of organisations, from public institutions to international giants.

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